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The Gathering of Men

Food For Thought

Greeting Gentlemen:

The Food For Thought – It’s A Family Affair: “Y’shua to Zeus!”

Greetings my brothers. We (Holy Spirit and I) will continue to ask all of you to present a teaching or a subject to TGOM during 2019.  This way we can share with one another on a more personal spiritual dimension.  Subject matter depends on you and Holy Spirit! What’s On Your Heart and Mind? Love, marriage, Erectile Dysfunction (ED), finances, business, ethnic issues or concerns, other health concerns, HIV, AIDS, other STDs or Health Disparities, Spiritual Warfare, Homosexuality, etc.?

This month’s Food For Thought teaching is coming from Rabbi Rav Avshalom ben Levi. Rabbi Rav and I met at his Jewish/ Hebrew garment/apparel store.  My wife and I became friends with him and his wife and attended our second Sabbath Worship in Humble, TX. He is located in the Houston, TX area. He is a True Black Jew/ Hebrew who can trace his legacy back to Israel. This is a unique teaching. I heard on the radio that Jesus/Yeshua was a Jew but His name was not Jewish. That statement “oddly enough” struck me! All I could say or think was, “Really”? So, I ask Rabbi to explain this to me and to you/us. I think this will be a robust and fine learning experience to all! I just bless and praise our L-rd and Savior Jesus the Christ (Yeshua being His Jewish/Hebrew Name) for All that He is doing for us as Men. I thank Him for letting us be brave enough to share and love one another through TGOM teachings! Thank You Jesus, Thank You Yeshua, Thank You Jesus/Yeshua and Thank You G-D/Abba! Praise Abba!

A conference line has been established for TGOM meetings this year so you can call in from wherever you are and participate during the meeting. The number is: 1-605-313-4147; Code: 348868#.  A blog is being developed for those of us who wants to chat a little longer on the subject of the month. Hallelujah and thank You L-rd! Please read, digest, think, implement, and change wherever and whatever you needed to make a change in your life!  Change most often is difficult but is Worth the Reward in Christ Jesus (Yeshua)! Have you ever considered that a Change in your Attitude and Presentation COULD just Change the Attitude and Presentation in someone who is watching you! (Oh, my Abba-Glory Hallelujah) Am I my brother’s Keeper/helper?  Of course, you are!

Y’shua to Zeus!

When Brother Benjamin asked me to write about the two pronunciations for the name of the Messiah, I was both honored and challenged. I did not want to be dogmatic about which pronunciation was correct so I decided to let the reader be the judge. As Christians we are taught to call upon the name of Jesus from our youth or when we begin to believe. Where did we get the name Jesus? King James 1611 bible spells the name” Iesous “the Greek substitute for Jesus as translated from the Septuagint of the Tanakh. The Greek language is very capable of reproducing the name Yehoshua (Y’shua) with the exact pronunciation. During the time of Roman Catholic rule there was an evolution from Iesous to Zeus and Jesus. The pronunciation transitions from Ie-soos; Zoos; and Jee-zuhs. This was done by design in order to change the worship of YHWH to another god (Zeus). Blatant connection to worship of Zeus and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

Historically throughout Europe there are many busts of Zeus prominently displayed in Christian Churches and not just Catholic Churches where we find images of Mary and the baby Jesus. In America we have portraits of Jesus where people proclaim Jesus is G_d when he himself never proclaimed to be G_d. All this was done in order to have man worship the image of a man made G_d Zeus. The Torah second command.. You shall not create and image to bow down and worship……. The third command is remember the Shabbath to keep it……. Lets step back for a moment first they change the name from Hebrew Y’shua to Greek Jesus or Zeus then they change the Shabbat from the seventh day to the first day saying because he rose on the first day. Neither the Father nor the Son ever changed the Shabbath which was kept a holy rest for our sakes. If that is not enough we are taught the Old Testament is null in void because Jesus rose on the first day doing away with the law with its ordinances. In the Roman lifestyle there is no room for Yah’s laws or teachings. Rome changed the Father’s appointed times of Passover, Shavuot, and Tabernacles to Thanksgiving , Christmas, and Easter all of which are pagan in origin. These holidays were forced upon us by the Roman authority or Roman church and every Christian who erects a Christmas tree or attends Sunday church or celebrates these days are blindly following the Catholic church. They gave us the fish symbol of Ishtar which we see on many Christian/Hebraic messianic apparel as well as bibles and jewelry. I have been guilty as charged but I now repent.

The Father does not change. His Son has a name it is properly pronounced Y’shua, Yehoshua or Yashua meaning Yah saves or Yah is salvation. I am going to end at this point I pray that after reading this you will be compelled to prove me wrong, but do the research pray then make the decision to worship the Father through the His Son Y’shua. The distinction of Mashiyach’s government are universal and unchanging regardless of how he is personified by Christians, Jews, Muslims and all other religions. (Aramaic English New Testament pp1058).   

Last, we have all been conditioned, had our behavior modified and suffer from some form of Stockholm syndrome (this is a teaching within itself) but through knowledge, prayer, faith, and repentance we will overcome the deception of the adversary.


Rav Avshalom ben Levi

Peace and Blessings!

The Vision of the Gathering of Men is to assemble Men of diverse culture and socioeconomic backgrounds to come and fellowship together, learn of Jesus the Christ (Yeshua the Christ), of our relationship to Him, of our relationship to our family, and of our relationship to one another.

TGOM teachings will be coming to us from around the world!  TGOM of Atlanta body will be joining us on the conference call line on each 3rd Monday of each month from 2001 Montreal Road, Suite 104 in Tucker, GA 30084 in the Alpha and Omega Headquarters Training Room at 8p (est).  We are still asking for a $10.00-dollar seed offering to help cover the cost of the meeting room. Take care and stay Blessed Everyone!!!!! For additional information, please call 770.939.2460 or 770.710.7634.  Remember the Conference line # is: 1-605-313-4147; Code: 348868#. 

TGOM TX body will meet this Monday 19AUG19 at 7:00p (cst) at Apostle Anita Smith (Pastor James Smith) Ministry: Fresh New Beginning Full Gospel Church Houston, TX 77051. They are located at 7336 Calhoun Road Houston Texas 77033 (Bethany Church). I hope to see you there.

(Note) AOAF is a 501©3 organization. All contributions/donations/gifts are tax deductible. Thanks for caring and sharing… (Make all checks payable to: AOAF) PEACE/Shalom   bb/ab

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