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Dear Family and Friends:

Greetings in Yeshua (Jesus) Name!!

Our teaching for this month will be done by our 1st Presider, my baby brother, Dr. Benjamin R. Moore, apostle, out of Humble, TX.  Please read this wonder teaching.  For truly it is Food for Thought!

In His Service,


The Gathering of Men
Food For Thought!

Greetings Gentlemen:

The Food For Thought – It’s A Family Affair:
“Distance Is A Deception Regarding the Presence of G-D or Abba!”

This month’s Food For Thought teaching is coming from me. I have been reading a book entitled “THE PRACTICE OF THE PRESENCE OF G_D”, by Brother Lawrence. I guarantee you that if you purchase and read this book, your idea, belief, thought, and understanding regarding being in Abba’s Presence will change! I dare you to buy it. Some Ministers of the Cloth tell you that you cannot be Perfect or live Perfect as the WORD of Abba command us to do in Mathew 5:48. Mature in Jesus (Yeshua), show and live the character of Emanuel. I have always believed that you can live as Perfect as you want to live! Acts 2:40 says, “Save yourselves from this corrupt, untoward, crooked, perverse generation.”  Those who accepted his message… Salvation is an individual walk and acceptance, however, how you walk, talk, live and demonstrate to others in life can help lead others to Jesus (Yeshua)! I think this will be a robust and fine learning experience for all! I just bless and praise our L-rd and Savior Jesus the Christ (Yeshua being His Jewish/Hebrew Name) for All that He is doing for us as Men. I thank Him for letting us be brave enough to share and love one another through TGOM teachings! Thank You Jesus, Thank You Yeshua, Thank You Jesus (Yeshua) and Thank You G-D (Abba)! Praise Abba!

Hallelujah and thank You L-rd! Please read, digest, think, implement, and change wherever and whatever you needed to make a change in your life! Change most often is difficult but is Worth the Reward in Christ Jesus (Yeshua)! Have you ever considered that a Change in your Attitude and Presentation COULD just Change the Attitude and Presentation in someone who is watching you! (Oh, my Abba-Glory Hallelujah) Am I my brother’s Keeper/helper? Of course, you are!

Distance Is A Deception Regarding the Presence of G-D or Abba!

Unfortunately, a simple concept does not always readily translate into practical experience. For most of us who have read the profound yet childlike words of this book, the most common question that comes from those who long to live as Brother Lawrence did is, “How do I do it?”

It seems that far too few in modern times have actually experience this intimacy, even momentarily, and even fewer are Practicing G_D’s Presence all day, every day. But this lesson of communing with our Messiah is extremely simple to learn; in fact, we are all capable of experiencing this most basic grace of the believer’s life. G_D (Abba) has already made Himself fully and readily available! Brother Lawrence says, Were I a Preacher, I should above all other things preach the practice of the presence of G_D; and were I a director (mentor), I should advise all the world to do it: so necessary do I think it, and so easy too”.

The problem is not that He is hiding from us nor is He hard to find. The problem is that most adults live from their head rather than their heart, and it is in our heart that we must discover Abba. Because Yeshua wants to have a real relationship with us, He does not reveal Himself to highly intellectual people who only want to theorize about Him. And, He is not inaccessible to mentally handicapped individuals. He makes Himself known to those who come to Him like little children (see Matt. 18:1-5; Mark 9:36-37; 10:13-15), like Brother Lawrence.  One of the most common deceptions about G_D (Abba) is that He is far away in Heaven. He is only far away if we reject Him. For those who long for a relationship with Him and open their heart to Him, Messiah is near! Distance is a deception.

While it is true that Abba is seated on His Throne in Heaven, because He is everywhere, or Omnipresent, He is also with us. It is one of the spiritual mysteries. We can know Abba as our Immanuel, or “G_D with us” (Matt.1:23). Moreover, He wants to have a Personal relationship with us:  "I will be their G_D, and they will be My people" (Ezek. 37:27).

When we draw near to Him, He comes running to us! (See Psalm 73:28; Luke 15:20; James 4:8). As soon as we invite Him into our lives, we can experience Him as Messiah in us, “the hope of glory” (Col. 1:27). And to such He Says, “The Kingdom of G_D is within you” (Luke 17:21). He is the King, and, wherever the King rules, His Kingdom is present!

“Lastly, we have all been conditioned, had our behavior modified and suffer from some form of Stockholm syndrome (this is a teaching within itself) but through knowledge, prayer, faith, and repentance we will overcome the deception of the adversary.” Rabbi Rav Avshalom ben Levi

Peace and Blessings!



Three C’s one can use for life:
Choice, Chances, and Change:
You must make a Choice To take a Chance or Your life will never Change!

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